Editorial Reply: Lawrence Landskroner

WOIO Editorial Reply: Lawrence Landskroner

(WOIO) - I am Lawrence Landskroner responding to Bill Applegate's judicial indifference editorial.

Merit selection for judges sounds great in theory, but it asks us, the voters, to sacrifice our Constitutional Rights in favor of a system that is ripe for unchecked political hijacking.

The only thing merit selection will do is shift the emphasis of political decision-making away from the voter who now gathers information from multiple partisan and nonpartisan sources to a nominating committee whose personal decisions are formulated in the back rooms of the local bar associations.

More representative of ethnicities, produce a somewhat younger judiciary and, in some cases, tend to elect jurist with more court experience.

Let us not be led like sheep, blindly following the political and personal opinions of an elite hand-picked few. The voting public is fully capable of selecting qualified and competent judges.

Thank you.

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