Beautiful Day, Innerbelt Changes, Rapist Free After 30 Days, Student Video Contest

Beautiful Day, Innerbelt Changes, Rapist Free After 30 Days, Student Video Contest

TODAY:  Abundant sunshine.  HIGH: 74

TONIGHT: Starry and Seasonable.  LOW: 50

TOMORROW: Sunshine and Blue Skies.  HIGH: 74 (encore)

There are some big changes ahead as crews continue construction on the new Innerbelt bridge. Starting on or around October 5th, 1-90 over the Innerbelt will be down to two thru-lanes.

Crews have already opened up additional lanes on 1-490 east and 1-77 north, and an additional lane will open on the ramp from 1-77n to 1-90 east.

Drivers are encouraged to use 1-490 to 1-77 north to access 1-90 east in order to reduce the congestion on the Innerbelt. All downtown Cleveland exits will be maintained on this route.

If traveling into Cleveland from the Jennings Freeway you will need to take 1-490 east to 1-77 north to access 1-90 east and downtown exits. If taking 1-71 north, it narrows to one lane right just north of the Jennings. The ramp has already been widened to smooth the flow of traffic to 1-90 west or 1-490 east.

In Montana, convicted child rapist Stacey Dean Rambold is getting out of jail Thursday after serving just a 30-day sentence.

The judge who initially handed down the controversial sentence is under fire. Judge G. Todd Baugh even tried to reverse Rambold's light punishment, but that's illegal under state law.

Rambold, a teacher, pleaded guilty to the attempted rape of one of his 14-year-old students. She later committed suicide.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced the start of the 2013 Take Action High School Video Contest, which gives Ohio high school students a chance to win up to $2,500 in college scholarships.

"Ohio high school students are very creative, and this contest allows them to showcase their talents while promoting important messages about consumer protection," Attorney General DeWine said. "We've also streamlined the entry process this year to encourage more students to participate."

Click here for more information on how to enter the contest.

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Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager