Thousands are getting caught driving without a license

Thousands are getting caught driving without a license

A new report shows just how many people are driving on the road when they shouldn't be.

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek filed a special request and learned the startling statistics.

Of the many cases that are set to heard by a traffic court judge, a staggering number of people don't even show up.

We took a special look at people driving with a suspended license or no license at all.

This comes after a couple of Cleveland Browns players recently got busted for their driving.

The Cleveland Municipal Court Clerk says last year there were nearly 17,000 cases for driving under suspension or with no licenses at all and so far this year there's been nearly 12,000.

At some point last year more than 12,000 drivers were also wanted for not showing for court.

In 2010 the numbers were only slightly lower.

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