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Buckeyes breaking out a special "look" on Saturday

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Remember those sleek, Nike "rivalry"uniforms Ohio State wore during last year's 26-21 victory over Michigan to capan undefeated season? For Saturday's 8 p.m. game against Wisconsin … they justmay be back!

Coach Urban Meyer confirmed Thursday the team may wear a2013 version of those Nike uniforms that hint back to the style worn startingin the 1967 season but that are typically referenced as the uniforms worn bythe 1968 national champion Ohio State squad.

"The feedback from therivalry game last year was incredible, not just from our players and recruits,but from Buckeye greats of old," Meyer said. "So there's a good chance we'll bewearing them."

The uniform's look feature:


  • Scarlet jerseys withlarge gray numbers on front and back of the jersey and most noticeably on theshoulder pads;
  • Names in black on theback;
  • Gray pants with widerpiping down the sides;
  • Black stripe aroundthe jersey sleeves;
  • Seven Buckeye leavesalong the back collar and a Block "O" on the front collar; and
  • Wider scarlet, white and blackstripe on a dull chrome helmet.


Meyer liked more thanthe look last year.


"I liked the resultof the look," he said.


OhioState is 4-0 wearing alternate, rivalry style uniforms with wins over Michiganin 2009 at Michigan Stadium (21-10) and in 2010 at Ohio Stadium (37-7), a winover Wisconsin in 2011 at Ohio Stadium (33-29) and an Ohio Stadium win overMichigan in 2012 (26-21).


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