Thoughts on Selig, Wild Card

Cleveland (WOIO) - Bud Selig confirmed what we already knew on Thursday, that he'll retire as MLB Commissioner following the 2014 season, and while to many, he'll always be remembered as the Commish who buried his head in the sand during the steroid heyday, he'll leave having made a positive impact as well, in a couple of ways.

Most importantly, he added the second Wild Card, which, as we know in Cleveland, kept fans in multiple cities interested during the final weeks of the season. At this point, it's down to the Tribe, Rays and Rangers for those two spots in the American League, but not that long ago there were at least three other teams in play, the Royals, Yankees and Orioles. And after years of watching the "have-nots" be on the outside looking in, that's refreshing.

The Indians have had a phenomenal run. Too streaky at times, but always entertaining, and their final streak has been a joy to watch.

Will it be good enough to get 'em in? Probably. And if, in the end, they have that second Wild Card to thank for it, I'll take it. It's probably the best thing Selig did as Commissioner. And it will affect cities like Cleveland, Kansas City and Baltimore for years to come.

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