Woman robbed at ATM: Strangers get her justice

Woman robbed at ATM: Strangers get her justice

A 17-year-old robber attacked a woman from behind as she used an ATM, but witnesses chased the teen and led police to his home.

The attack happened late Monday morning at the Charter One ATM in a shopping center at west 150th and Puritas in Cleveland.

The woman using the ATM was grabbed from behind, thrown to the ground, and the robber stole $180.

But witnesses and others in the neighborhood chased the robber. They led police to nearby house where First District arrested a 17-year-old for the hold-up. Police also took at least one adult in for questioning.

"We went to the home, and the suspect answered the door monitored by an ankle bracelet, then laughed about what happened," said one witness.

The victim told 19 action news, she wanted to thank everyone for getting involved.

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