Cleveland Hopkins Airport hosts art gallery

As a part of an effort to showcase diversity in the culture and arts of the Cleveland area, Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) will be hosting a Youth Art Gallery; "On the Horizon: Landscapes, Shorelines & Hillsides" as a part of their Temporary Art Exhibition Program.

The Youth Artist Recognition Ceremony is being held on Sunday, Sept. 27 from 3-5 pm, and will remain on display until the end of January next year. The Youth Art Gallery is just outside of security checkpoint A.

CLE sent out invitations to local schools to have students submit artwork. The top pieces were selected and placed on display, coming from various schools including Bedford High, Lakeside High, Brush High, and Shaker Heights High Schools.

Now guests of the airports 240-plus  departures can stop and browse through the art and get a taste of the local area, a sampling of the cultural and artistic diversity Cleveland has to offer.

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