Avon High School student is treated for non-bacterial meningitis

Avon High School student is treated for non-bacterial meningitis

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Superintendent Mike Laub of the Avon Local School District confirmed that a high school student was diagnosed non-bacterial meningitis this week.

Laub explained that medical personnel treated the student, who is now in good health.

After being informed by the parents of the high school student last Wednesday, Laub said the district immediately worked with the Lorain County General Health District and other medical professionals to confirm the meningitis case.

The student was not identified.

The General Health District said meningitis is an irritation over the covering of the brain and spinal cord.

The type of meningitis found in the high school student, known as aseptic or viral meningitis, is considered to be the most common form of the disease, generally caused by viruses present in saliva and bowel movements.

Symptoms of aseptic meningitis include a fever, headache, stomach pain, lack of appetite, vomiting and stiff neck. Within a week, symptoms typically diminish with no permanent damage, officials said.

Laub explained that there are no other suspected or confirmed cases of meningitis.

Although no other cases of meningitis were discovered in Avon schools, Laub encourages people who may have experienced symptoms to visit their doctors or call the General Health District at 440-322-6367.

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