Perez out as closer

Cleveland (WOIO) - A couple of days ago I blogged that I wouldn't be comfortable putting Chris Perez out there in the 9th. Actually, let me rephrase that. I wouldn't even put him on the playoff roster at this point.

Perez' blowup on Thursday night, giving up four runs in the 9th and almost costing the Tribe another must-win, was the last straw for me. And apparently for him as well, because he stuck his head in Francona's office after the game and told Tito he doesn't want to be costing 'em games. So there you go. His game is gone, and so is his confidence.

Friday, Francona said it'll now be a "closer by committee", meaning we'll see Joe Smith, or Cody Allen, or other options, before we'll see Chris Perez. They need every one of these final three games to get in to that Wild Card game, and once they do, the pressure will be even greater. I can't envision a scenario in the playoffs that will, or should, include Perez.

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