Couple has wedding rings stolen night before wedding

Engagement photo of Kyle Deckard and Makenzie Merical
Engagement photo of Kyle Deckard and Makenzie Merical

UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - If you've ever been apart of a wedding or planned one you know in the days and hours leading up to it, it can be very stressful.  Now add on top of it, a theft trying to ruin a young Canton couples wedding.

Kyle Deckard and Makenzie Merical are rehearsing for their Saturday wedding in Uniontown but there's something missing. Their wedding rings.

The bride-to-be Makenzie Merical said they were preparing for their big day,  "We were actually here setting up and we were just getting ready to out to lunch so I grabbed my purse."

The couple was inside an Akron Golden Corral on Arlington for all of 45 minutes.

"We came out to the car and someone was looking in the window, and said is this your car the window is busted open.   I knew immediately as soon as he said that I knew my purse was gone. I knew I left it right there, " Merical said. 

"Somebody actually asked me from my bridal party, was your ring in there. And I just broke down I remembered that I left it in there, " she added.

Merical says in the hustle and bustle she forgot the rings were in her purse. Now instead of her engagement and wedding ring being put on her finger Saturday, they're in the hands of a thief.

"It's really hard, it's material but it's very sentimental.   It just meant a lot to me, and you know it was my only wedding ring."

Kyle Deckard said he's upset because the rings meant a lot to him,  "I'd saved up for about 5 months, and I just had enough to get it and it was the only thing I could afford."

The wedding will still happen. The couple says the rings aren't the key.

"I wish they would give it back, but I have Kyle and that's really all that matters to me, " Merical said.

"A ring is a ring but I have the woman of my dreams and so I couldn't be happier," Deckard said. 

Both Makenzie's mom and sister have offered their wedding ring up so that they have something for the ceremony.

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