Linndale Police set the record straight

Linndale Police set the record straight

LINNDALE, OH (WOIO) - Linndale Police say they need the media to get the message out: they are still up and running.

Every since the city lost its Mayor's court back in March, a police spokesperson says that some drivers have been questioning whether they have any authority to pull them over in what's been called their I-71 speed trap.

Only 179 people live in the tiny village of Linndale.  Population issues closed the Mayor's court.  For some reason, police say some motorists assumed that meant their Police Department was closed for business too.

"There have been a few incidents where people have been uncooperative until they understood the situation that the village of Linndale is a certified law enforcement agency and continues to enforce the law," said a Linndale Police Officer.

That same police officer is worried that if the reluctance to recognize his department as being legitimate continues, that could put lives in jeopardy.

"It's a minute group, but if just one person believes that, and becomes combative with an officer, that could be devastating not only to the officer, but to that individual and the community as a whole."

The village of Linndale continues to fight to stay afloat financially.  Traffic tickets have been reported to make up most of their million dollar budget.

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