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Tickets for the Tribe's post season play are red hot!

Let's Celebrate! Let's Celebrate!

The Indians have done it!

Cleveland clinched a playoff berth and will host their first postseason game since 2007 this Wednesday at Progressive Field. They will play the winner of the Texas-Tampa Bay game on Monday night.

Cleveland fans are still on a high, but those hoping to score tickets to Wednesday's big game might already be out of luck. The baseball game is sold out, unless fans want to go to the scalping route or check with ticket brokers.

Fans flocked to the ticket offices looking for tickets on Monday, but were turned away. 

"I guess you snooze, you lose. You got to be right there. That's okay. They're going to win. I'll get to see the other games," a Tribe fan said.

Tickets into the potential divisional series with Boston are going quickly, so fans hoping to get those should act quickly. 

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