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Human cocaine couriers caught in Cleveland

Paul Johnson (Source: FBI) Paul Johnson (Source: FBI)
Dorothy Johnson (Source: FBI) Dorothy Johnson (Source: FBI)
Rhonda Shaw (Source: FBI) Rhonda Shaw (Source: FBI)

The Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force arrested three people in the Cleveland, Ohio area Tuesday morning. 

These three individuals are three of 17 indicted for their roles in a drug trafficking conspiracy that brought multiple kilograms of cocaine to Cleveland from Los Angeles and Las Vegas, often secretly strapping the drugs to human couriers who traveled by bus and train.   

The cocaine was transported by couriers who were paid $1,000 per kilogram of cocaine they transported, usually over commercial carriers such as Greyhound, Amtrak and Megabus. The couriers used fictitious names and wore girdles and clothes designed to hide the drugs.

The three individuals taken into custody this morning in the Cleveland area are: Rhonda Shaw, 45, of Cleveland; Dorothy Johnson, 66, of Cleveland; and Paul Johnson, 29, of Cleveland. 

The remaining individuals indicted were located in other territories, including Palmdale, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Desoto, Texas and Henderson, NV.   

"These defendants brought cocaine to our territory via trains and buses," said Stephen D. Anthony, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Cleveland Office. "The Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force has demonstrated through numerous successful investigations, including this one that drugs and violence will not go unnoticed by law enforcement."

The indictment will most likely be unsealed later today. 

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