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Man shot at mom's funeral, charges pending


Charges will likely be filed this morning against a woman accused of shooting her son-in-law outside a Sumter County where a funeral for the victim's mother had been held.

Investigators say about 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Helen Cason walked up to her son-in-law 53 year-old Jack Aycock outside Concord Methodist Church, pulled out a gun, and shot him.   

Aycock remained in the critical care unit at Phoebe-Sumter Hospital in Americus where he underwent surgery.

"This is what it's led to, it's just so tragic that it happens anytime but it happens at a church service where a family member has just passed," said Pete Smith, Sheriff, Sumter County Sheriff's office.  

Sheriff Pete Smith said throughout all of his years in law enforcement, he's never seen anything quite like this.  

"This is the first shooting I know of at a church and this is a country church, it's got some really fine people that goes to this church," said Smith.  

The suspect's husband spoke with WALB Wednesday night.  He did not want to show his face on camera, but he says his wife suffers from dementia, and that's what led her to pull the trigger.  

"When somebody makes her mad she just goes off, and she don't know what she's doing," said husband of shooter.  

When asked if he thought his wife should be released from jail, he responded. "No she will probably commit suicide if she is."  

The sheriff says the shooting stemmed from a family dispute that's been going on for years. Cason is in jail  and could face numerous charges.  

"Let's hope that he makes it, she will probably be charged with aggravated assault, it's against the law to bring a handgun into a church, there is several charges she may face,' said Smith.   Sheriff Smith urges families going through disagreements to work out their differences peacefully.  

"You know when you decide your going take out a family member that's pretty bad, human life is precious," said Smith.

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