Editorial: Cleveland Clinic – Obamacare

Editorial: Cleveland Clinic – Obamacare

(WOIO) - When President Obama began selling his healthcare reform plan, he touted the Cleveland Clinic as a benchmark of quality care and efficiency.

Well, that was 2009.  Today, the clinic - faced with increased costs and decreased revenue under Obamacare - is doing what a lot of other companies are doing… it's cutting expenses and conducting layoffs.

The clinic is slashing 330-million dollars from its budget, forcing three thousand employees out of a job or into early retirement.

Now all hospitals are getting squeezed.  But we're talking about the mighty clinic here---the same institution that occupies virtually an entire Cleveland neighborhood, satellite facilities in the suburbs and a reputation that stretches the globe.

Now the clinic insists the cutbacks were in the works for some time and are not solely a reaction to the president's plan. But it seems obvious that Obamacare isn't going to be business as usual for a lot of institutions including the mighty Cleveland Clinic.

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