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Win or Lose: Sports anxiety in Cleveland

Fans piling into Progressive Field Fans piling into Progressive Field

Thursday is a tough day for a lot of people. The Indians loss Wednesday night was heartbreaking.

And as Catherine Bosley explains, an emotional let down like that can be especially difficult on some fans.

It's pure magic in Cleveland when one of our teams flies high but, what we don't think about at the time is that there's some psychology behind all that feel good.

"People need excitement in their lives aside from daily work and aside from daily personal life and sports teams give everybody that," said Dr. Michael McKee. 

Cleveland Clinic Psychologist Dr. Michael McKee says when we have a team tearing it up, fans take on the winner title too.

Great stuff -- until we lose.

It hurts but for some the pain, much deeper and lasts longer, and that's serious.

"Sometimes this can be a cover up for underlying sources of depression and fear," Dr. McKee said. "You want other sources of happiness in your life, you want other sources of well being, you need relationships."

He says the best way to get past this let down is to let it all out.

But the doctor has a warning, while it might seem like the thing to do -- to turn to social media to sound off -- he says you can only do that so much before it can backfire. He says it could perpetuate misery..

"You are wallowing in your own misery, that's not what we want out of this. We want sharing with other people and basically holding hands with other people in a group," added Dr. McKee.

Because while we're all in this together when we win, we're it together when we lose too.

Dr. McKee says focusing on that should help and then -- you know there's always the Browns to turn too.

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