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Changes to TS Karen's Track

Good morning, Nicole here with a Tropical Storm update.  Karen is continually entering unfavorable conditions for a Tropical Storm, so from this point forward, strengthening is not expected.  Though earlier reports had the storm making landfall somewhere between New Orleans and Pensacola, with the slow northward turn of the storm, she's now expected to make landfall early Sunday morning just south of New Orleans.  What this means for us, is that the storm is no longer expected to cross directly over the Western Carolina's.

As far as what's to happen locally, we're still expecting significant rain, as well as the possibility for severe thunderstorms.  The cold front off to our west will approach our area late Sunday night into Monday morning.  This system should have no problem tapping into some TS Karen moisture from the south, helping to pull it into the Upstate and surrounding areas.  This poses a threat of isolated flooding, though with the ground moisture being relatively low at this time of year, flood events shouldn't be as numerous as what we saw back in July.  With the track of Karen having moved farther south of us, the threat of isolated tornados is lessened quite a bit.  However, with the passing of a strong cold front, we are still on the look out for strong to severe thunderstorms, potential flooding, and damaging winds.  


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