Should Browns look at Flynn?

Cleveland (WOIO) - Five weeks in, and it's clear to me that the only thing that can derail this Browns season is a shaky offense. The defense is just too deep, and solid, to let things spin out of control, but with Brian Hoyer on the shelf, and Brandon Weeden back in charge of the offense, let's face it, questions remain.

Weeden took a giant step forward last Thursday by rallying the troops against the Bills. Granted, he had a lot of help. The special teams gave him one touchdown, and the defense gave him another, but Weeden blocked out the chorus of boos, and shaky start, and found a way to move this offense, and hit the Bills deep. That's what Weeden does best. It's the short stuff that still challenges him.

He's also still a stationary object back there, and has been sacked 16 times in three games, a reflection more of his decision-making, and ability to read a defense, than it is of the offensive line. And with Hoyer done for the season, the Browns are down to two: Weeden, and Jason Campbell, with backup fullback/tight end MarQueis Gray as their emergency quarterback. So the question is: do they bring in another veteran to back Weeden and Campbell up, or address the issue in the unlikely event that both eventually go down?

Matt Flynn's out there, and you can get him for nothing. After all, by the time this season is over, he'll have taken the Seahawks and Raiders for a total of $13.5 mil...for not playing (only in America!).  So he's not the guy who tempted many a team, including the Browns, with that one start for the Packers back in January of 2012, when he threw for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns against the Lions. And so he's a West Coast offense-type QB. He's still a veteran quarterback, and a better option than your backup fullback, should an emergency threaten to blow up the season.

Something to think about. You can bet the Browns already have.

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