Alert: Two attempted abductions have neighbors on edge

Alert: Two attempted abductions have neighbors on edge

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Nine-year old Destiny belted out a loud scream when a man in a white pick up truck with a black hatch followed her and her friends as they were walking Thursday afternoon near Melvyn Lane in Elyria.

"The guy smiled and winked at us and told us to stop. He reversed his car and stopped the car and got out the car. He said come here," says Destiny.

Destiny says she ran as fast as she could home and was able to get a look at the guy. A white male in his 50's or 60's, with white hair wearing a black ball cap.

"I think he was going to take us, and I was scared," says Destiny.

Destiny's mom Stephanie says she noticed a man in a white pickup truck driving around the neighborhood earlier and thought something didn't look right.

"I was just scared. They can't even play outside without somebody trying to take them," says Stephanie.

Just three miles away 30 minutes earlier there was another attempted abduction.

Police say the same man in that white pickup truck asked another girl if she needed a ride.

The 12-year old girl ran into a nearby gas station on East Bridge Street and called her mom.

Police say both incidents are connected.

"I just want him to be arrested, put away for a long time so this doesn't happen to nobody else," says Stephanie.

Last month a woman in Elyria tried to lure a little girl by asking her if she wanted a hug and a ride. That woman had a male accomplice.

Police don't believe that incident is connected to the latest ones.

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