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Life after Obamacare: Picking the right insurance


Although it may sound easy enough, for some it's bothersome to navigate the site designed for Americans to compare health insurance plans since the Affordable Care Act took effect. 

Since October 1st, has been up and running for insurance shoppers to see which programs they qualify for.  The problem is that many just don't know where to start but fortunately there are companies offering assistance to get through the red tape.

Bernard Health, a company in Lyndhurst, says they can help consumers pick the right plan and that they've been getting a lot of calls for help.

"The biggest cause of frustration is people getting logged onto the website.  Everyone is aware of the problem and it should be resolved soon," says Adam Schlesinger of Bernard Health.

A recent study shows more than two-thirds of the uninsured are unaware of what's being offered.

At a shopper can see their out-of-pocket expense, deductibles, doctor networks and even compare plans side by side.

Bernard Health has seen their customer base triple since Obamacare became law but their advice does come with a price.  

"There are a lot of people who are going to qualify for some government assistance," says Schlesinger.

There are pitfalls in the new plans so be careful.

"There is a lot of perception that the higher the premium equates to better value and that is not necessarily the case. So do your research in advance so you are spending your money in the right place," advises Schlesinger.

Interested shoppers have until December 15th to visit the to sign up.

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