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Study reveals that skin cancer scares are being taken lightly

When someone has a medical scare, they usually look to make some life-changes, but when it comes to a skin cancer scare, it seems many don't stick to those changes.

Gordon Thompson of Perry, Ohio, knows all too well about the skin cancer scare.

He's had dozens of dangerous moles cut out.

"I was nervous as could be; not something you expect to hear at 34 years of age," says Thompson.

Now he says he always keeps his skin protected from the sun but not everyone gets the message after their close calls, which some say is understandable.

"Seems kind of human.  You know sun doesn't seem dangerous today," says Terry Schworz.

A new study reveals that it doesn't take most people who've had a bout with skin cancer long to get lax when it comes to taking precautions against dangerous sunrays.

The study followed 20 people for three years after their skin cancer diagnosis.

It found they actually increased their exposure to the sun 25 percent during the second year and 33 percent from the time of diagnosis to the third year. "

"We often get some type of scare and we improve our behavior or we eliminate dangerous behavior, but over time we relax," says Dr. Melissa Piliang, a Cleveland Clinic Dermatologist.

Dr. Piliang did not take part in the study but says unfortunately it's easy to explain

"You know it's really hard to get people to break old habits and to really get people into new habits of applying sunscreen and being careful about sun exposure."

Doctors suggest limiting sun exposure, especially between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and that applies to everyone, not just to those who have had a skin cancer diagnosis or close call.

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