Warning for Cleveland sports fans: Con men and bogus tickets

Warning for Cleveland sports fans: Con men and bogus tickets

If you're planning to buy tickets to local sporting events, beware. Investigators have new reason to be on the lookout for con men selling bogus or counterfeit tickets.

At last week's Browns game, Vic and April Baxter say they had paid hundreds of dollars for good seats to the game with the Bills but we met them leaving the stadium.

They say they were forced to leave early when other fans showed up with tickets to the same seats.

Complicating matters, the Baxters say they had bought their tickets from the Ticket Exchange, a site advertised as endorsed by the NFL as a place to buy and sell tickets with other fans.

We've learned investigators were on the lookout last week for con men from Pennsylvania and New York -- crooks selling bogus tickets to the Indians playoff game.

In the past, Cleveland Police have also investigated several con men selling bad tickets to sporting events on Craigslist.

Vic Baxter says the Browns have called him. They are still trying to get to the bottom of this.

You've heard it before -- it's best to know the person or agency selling sports tickets.

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