Editorial Reply: Carol Vascek

WOIO Editorial Reply: Carol Vascek

(WOIO) - I am Carol Vascek responding to Bill Applegate's Cleveland Clinic Obamacare Editorial.

The Cleveland Clinic's layoffs and budget cuts are only a harbinger of things to come with Obamacare also known as "The Affordable Health Care Act". With Obamacare, government panels rather than physicians will be determining the care given.

Care, as we have known in the past, will be denied to the elderly. Government officials will now determine what will be done – have the elderly become expendable?  Why waste the money? Soon human lives won't matter anymore.

"Affordable Health VCare" will have ridiculously low yearly caps on services -- some $10,000 per year. Someone with a devastating illness like cancer could well exceed at least $100,000 per year in expenses.

Fines will be levied if people don't have health care. Socialism/communism, here we come.

Maybe if Obamacare was made into a reality TV show, people would pay attention before it's too late.

Thank you.

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