Surprise, surprise...Pryor is the real deal

Cleveland (WOIO) - I've been wrong more than a few times with my predictions, but I gotta tell ya, I really didn't see this one coming. I told one of my sports producer a couple of years ago that Terrelle Pryor would never be an NFL quarterback. As great of an athlete as he is, I just didn't like the way he shot-put the ball down at Ohio State. Yet here he is, the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, with a higher QB rating than Tom Brady.

QB rating's obviously don't tell the whole story, and nobody is saying that Pryor belongs in the same sentence with Brady, but he's certainly been the boost the Raiders' offense needed, and while the overall numbers aren't staggering (845 yards, 4 Td's), Pryor provides a dynamic that keeps defenses on edge.

In the late-night win over the Chargers on Sunday, Pryor went 18-of-23 for 221 yards and two touchdowns, and ran for 31 more on 11 carries. His Raiders are 2-3, but only two of those losses belong to Pryor, and they've been competitive in every game he's been in.

Time will tell if Pryor has the successful NFL career that many predicted when he first hit the campus in Columbus. His potential as a pro, in my opinion, actually went down during his time with the Buckeyes. But he has surprised me, just as he stunned the Chargers on Sunday. And now, something tells me he's far from finished. Hopefully, this time I won't be wrong.

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