Tony's Take on Redskins controversy, and Chief Wahoo

Cleveland (WOIO) - Time for my take on the Washington Redskins controversy. I can come at it with compassion, or common sense, but either way, the name has to go. It's bad enough that Dan Snyder, owner of the team, remains adamant in his refusal to change the name, but to know that the league office, and other team owners, are ducking this issue, is even more stunning. We can debate why Snyder won't change his stance, but first, the bottom line.

The term "redskins" is racially offensive. Native Americans have weighed in on this subject. It's time to listen to them. Any other group, large or small, that felt insulted by a racial slur, the discussion would end there, and the changes would begin. And rightfully so.

Don't come at me with history.  Snyder may be attached to the historical value of one of the NFL's landmark franchises, but I'm more overwhelmed by the history of genocide and hatred.

Don't come at me with money. Many believe this is why Snyder won't budge, because change would cost him millions. I disagree. Ironically, he'd cash in, with a new look, new logo, new jerseys, new revenue, and best of all, a new image.

This controversy is not new. It has led to changes in other sports, at other levels. And at some point, may lead to change right here in our own backyard, because while the term "Indians" hasn't seemed to offend anyone, Chief Wahoo surely must. That, too, is a racist caricature. The Indians have already minimized it, but at some point, Chief Wahoo will completely disappear.

But right now, it's the Washington Redskins at the center of the debate. They need to act. This outcry isn't going away. And it shouldn't, until the name and logo do.