Lawsuit: Cracker Barrel could have done more to prevent deadly shootings

Lawsuit: Cracker Barrel could have done more to prevent deadly shootings

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - A lawsuit filed over a deadly shooting rampage at a Cracker Barrel restaurant places some of the blame on workers.

The shooting happened last year at the Cracker Barrel in Brooklyn. The lawsuit has just been filed in Cuyahoga County Court by Attorney Terry Gilbert.

Kevin Allen stormed into the Cracker Barrel and shot his wife, Kate. Then, he shot his two young girls. One was even hiding in a bathroom.

Now, this lawsuit says the restaurant showed a "conscious disregard" for safety. In other words, they didn't do enough to protect the victims and witnesses.

Terry Gilbert filed the suit for the brother of the woman killed. Gilbert says, before calling 911, Kate Allen called a friend.

He heard Kate asking Cracker Barrel employees for help and a place to hide but she didn't get it.

Gilbert told 19 Action News, "she was on the phone with a friend, and he heard this conversation, and the manager said, 'sorry we don't get involved in domestics.'"

Brooklyn Police took heat because they didn't rush in. They killed Kevin Allen as he came out. But the suit is only against Cracker Barrel.

Gilbert added, "It should send a message to any chain or large restaurant that there should be some kind of plan in place, not just, 'we don't get involved.'"

We called cracker barrel headquarters for a response. We were told we'd hear back, but a spokesperson has not called back yet.

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