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Romona's Kids: Shawn Spencer

Shawn Spencer Shawn Spencer
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In 1990, 19 Action News Anchor Romona Robinson started a segment called: Romona's Kids.

It was a way to encourage kids, and showcase the positive contributions they're making in our community.  I've continued my work with kids, and now the "stories" are coming back.

Tonight, we take a look at a former Romona's Kid, and I was amazed, at the man, he's become.

I first met Shawn Spencer in 1997, at Robert Jamison School in Cleveland, where he was the lead anchor of his school newscast!

He says he still remembers my words of encouragement!

"What in the world did I say," asked Romona Robinson.

"You know, stick to our plan, stick to our goals, what we wanted to do, we can reach those goals, whatever we wanted to do it was up to us to achieve, stay in school, very positive, very nice," answered Shawn.

And look at him now…

"Let's go, hustle up, let's go let's go let's go," yelled Shawn.

He's the coach of boys' basketball and cross country at Rhodes High School. He also works at Ginn Academy, has a degree in Criminal Justice, and is finishing up his Masters' degree in education.

Shawn wants to give back, because he sees the problems kids face every day.

"You'll have a kid who comes to school and he wants to go to sleep, he hasn't had any sleep because he's been watching his brothers and sisters all evening, getting them off to school, doesn't have a chance to be a kid," stated Shawn. 

His role models; his mother, his pastor, and a mentor who taught him the things that will get him far in life. So now he's paying it forward!

"And I'm always talking about, you know, make sure you're doing things the right way, it's easy to do things right when coach is watching, but the hard part comes when coach is not watching, what do you then," added Shawn.

"So, it's so good, it sounds like you put God first in your life," Romona said.

"Absolutely," answered Shawn.

"Now I've got one other question, I want you to be really honest, it's been 16 years since you've seen me -- do I look the same," asked Romona.

"Absolutely," exclaimed Shawn.

"Look in the camera and say it," said Romona.

"She still looks great," Shawn said.

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