Little Italy Parking Woes Solved?

Little Italy Parking Woes Solved?

Hundreds gathered in Little Italy for the annual Columbus Day Parade.

It is a decades old tradition that only gets more popular every year.

In fact, Little Italy itself has grown so much in popularity that simply finding a parking space in the old neighborhood may require the likes of a great explorer like Columbus.

"You have to know somebody? Yeah," said Ron Austin of Euclid.

Some resort to less legal measures.

"Parked illegally. We drove around," said Ken Kroneker of Parma,  "I even offered a guy in a driveway 20 bucks to park. He says no."

One woman waited until she retired to brave the parking challenge - ended up finding a space, but she had to hoof it.

"This is my first year coming. I wanted to come before, but there was always a problem with traffic and parking," said Zenola Moore of Bedford.

Ward 9, Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Conwell says there is plan that will make it easier to navigate your way to Little Italy.  Next week, the city is breaking ground on a new Little Italy Rapid Station.

"So people can ride from downtown Cleveland from Brookpark, from Shaker - anywhere to come to Little Italy on the Rapid and enjoy the lovely, lovely neighborhood," said Conwell.

A parking garage is something a little further down the parade route of plans.  Until then, the crowds aren't going away anytime soon.  So, if want to come, come early or make some really good friends.

"Where did you park? On Coleman. Did you know somebody? Yeah," added Austin.

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