Metroparks rangers keeping close eye on park

Park rangers keep close eye on who comes and goes
Park rangers keep close eye on who comes and goes

Most of us want to come to Cleveland's Metroparks and not get offered money for sex.

One reason park rangers keep a close eye on who's coming and going and have increases patrol's at Edgewater Park this summer.

Park Ranger Captain Jack Hall says, "Throughout the summer we had quite a police presence more so than any other time at a park. We had a lot of presence."

On Friday Rangers say 68 year-old James McGonegal was charged with public indecency after asking a park ranger for sex for $50 at Edgewater Park.

The ranger was in plain clothes but wasn't working undercover.  He was on a Diver's Team detail at Edgewater when he noticed McGonegal waving at him from a vehicle.

There's more. James McGonegal is a priest over at St. Ignatius of Antioch Church on Lorain in Cleveland.

Rangers say during his arrest McGonegal exposed himself and later told investigators he is HIV positive.

Ranger Hall says, "People want to go down to the park. Now it's the time of year we can concentrate on some of the issues home owners are concerned about."

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