Predator zones: Cuyahoga County

19 Action News looks at predator zones in Cuyahoga County
19 Action News looks at predator zones in Cuyahoga County

Finding your school's predator zone is really easy.  You simply log onto your local county sheriff's website and insert your school's address in the sex offender search browser.

You get to map out your school's predator zone.

19 Action News is checking into the predator zone at Orchard Stem Elementary School in Cleveland. It's been a school in the same location since 1962, but the district is just finishing constructing a brand new building.

We entered the address on the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's web page.

Within seconds, you discover one sex offender out of six in this school's predator zone lives really close to the school.

According to the sheriff's website the sex offender lives in a house across the street.  It's well with in 1,000 feet from the school and the offender's front door.

That violates Ohio law. He is a tier one sex offender.  In 2008, he pled guilty to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Like any registered sex offender in Ohio, he is not allowed to live with in 1,000 feet of a school or child care center.

The police and the sheriff's department can't do a thing about it, until you notify them.

You can alert city or county officials right online. We alerted the city and now police have to investigate.

Once verified, the city's law department will send the sex offender a letter stating he or she is in violation and is advised to immediately relocate.

If he or she doesn't move?  The city sends a second letter. Still not leaving? The city will take legal action in civil court.

We knocked on the front door of the registered sex offender across from Orchard Stem Elementary. No one answer.

We also did a sex offender search on nearby Paul Dunbar Elementary on West 28th.

Only one sex offender in a quarter mile radius in this school's predator zone and not with in 1,000 feet of the school.

Down the road in Brooklyn, Ohio city officials have stepped it up a notch at predator zones.

Sex offenders caught living with in 1,000 feet of a public park, school, or daycare will  face a criminal charge.

If you're in violation, cops show up at your door. You have 15 days to move. If you don't, you are charged with a first degree misdemeanor.

Brooklyn City Councilman Thomas Murphy says, "They can live in Brooklyn, as long as they obey the ordinance and live so far away from a park or school.  They can do that but what it does say is we have your name.  We know where you live.  Go some place else."

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