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Lost: Cat who helps with service dog training is missing

Wags (Source: W.A.G.S. 4 Kids) Wags (Source: W.A.G.S. 4 Kids)

He's not your average cat, Wags is a cat who helps train service dogs for special needs children, but now he's missing.

An organization called "Wags 4 Kids" trains dogs to assist children with disabilities and Wags, helps the dogs to learn to leave cats alone, something that comes in handy for families with multiple pets.

Wendy Crann, with "Wags 4 Kids" says, "often times the other pet was a cat.  And I was not about to tell anybody to get rid of your cat if you want a service dog from Wags 4 Kids, so we decided it was our job as service dog trainers to make sure the dogs were tolerant of cats in the home."

Wags has helped train 30 dogs to co-exist with cats. He accidentally got out of a house on Center Street in Berea right on the edge of Baldwin Wallace University's southern campus.

Wags is grey and white and has not been seen since the second weekend in October. He didn't have his identification tags on at the time he escaped.

"He's a friendly cat. He's a great cat. Hopefully, someone has found him and taken him in," said Crann.

The folks at "Wags 4 Kids" simply don't know what they'll do if Wags is not found.

If you have any information on Wags, you can contact Wendy Crann at (216) 406-7656.

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