Nothing has changed for Browns

Cleveland (WOIO) - The Browns are 3-3, and finally in the mix in the AFC North, but that's about the only thing that has changed for them, because their plans, and their philosophy, remain the same. Come next May, they will go shopping for a quarterback.

Brandon Weeden's keystone kop routine on Sunday may be getting national play, and laughs, but it probably didn't surprise the Browns executives. They've already made up their minds on Weeden, and have their sights set on a strong crop of QB's coming out next year.

The issue is, what to do with the rest of 2013?  A stunning two-game sequence by Brian Hoyer, and a new and improved defense, kickstarted this team in late September. All of a sudden, there were expectations again. Sunday's meltdown doesn't change that.

But the only thing the Browns can do is stay the course, as bumpy as that's going to be over the next few weeks. The Steelers, Jaguars and Jets are far down the road. First, they're looking at the Packers, Chiefs, Ravens and Bengals, with a quarterback who tantalizes 'em one moment, and tortures them the next.

In the end, they'll be fortunate to finish 7-9. They will then wave those two first-round picks in somebody's face, move up in the Draft, and get their guy.

As I said, nothing has changed.

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