EXCLUSIVE: Volleyball player claims she was forced to hand over jersey and left shirtless

PERRY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - A Perry Township volleyball player says she wanted to leave her game early to get ready for her high school's homecoming dance, but her coach didn't approve of that idea.

The player claims she was forced to turn over her jersey and was left shirtless in front of many.

Now, the girls parents want answers.

So far, no charges are filed against the coach. Police are still investigating.

But the player says she feels hopeless after what this coach made her do.

"Came at me, cornered me at the wall and basically demanded my jersey. The coach was saying they needed it, and I was left standing in spandex and a bra in front of men and women," the athlete recalls the incident. 

This Marlington High School volleyball player says a coach humiliated her; brought her to tears.  All because she wanted to leave her game early with her mom to go to her school's homecoming Oct.12.

The girl says she was left in a hallway wearing her bra.

"I crossed my arms over my chest to kind of hide myself," the volleyball player tells 19 Action News.  She knew I was standing in a bra and spandex and she walked away."
Another teammate's grandmother, who witnessed the incident, let her borrow a jacket to cover up.

"She didn't need my jersey. She took no one else's jersey except mine," the athlete said. 

The girl's father is upset. He filed a police report with Perry Township Police. Officers tell us they are investigating the incident, but, aren't saying much more than that.

"The coach didn't even have the compassion to even give her something to cover up with or give her the option to go to the locker room and change," Todd Bosley said. 

Now, Bosley is demanding answers and wants the coach disciplined.

"We certainly don't need a coach that will intimidate or bully a child into taking a shirt off and leaving them to fend for themselves. I hope she realizes what she did was wrong," Bosley said.

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