Man pleads guilty in officer involved shooting

Man pleads guilty in officer involved shooting

The man shot by Cleveland Police Officers last October, pled guilty Tuesday morning.

Officers were called to Roy Rudisill's home on West 97th Street on Oct. 2, 2012, after Rudisill called 911 and made threats against the police.

When officers arrived, Rudisill, 48, was on his porch in a highly agitated state.

He then threatened the two officers on scene stating that he was going to shoot them.

Rudisill went into the home and came back outside and appeared to be concealing a gun under his shirt pointing it in the direction of officers.

The suspect was ordered numerous times to show his hands and he refused.

Rudisill then moved off of the porch and approached the officers who observed the suspect holding a chrome object.

Fearing for their safety, the two officers fired their guns striking Rudisill in the right arm and left leg. The weapon turned out to be a wrench. No officers were injured.

Rudisill will be sentenced on Nov. 15.

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