New crime watch cameras are paying off

Cleveland cameras help fight crime
Cameras used in Cleveland to fight crime
Cameras used in Cleveland to fight crime

Video from the cameras is already in the hands of police.  Detectives are using it as evidence in an assault case.  Back in September "Justice for Joey" reward posters couldn't catch the culprits who assaulted the young Cleveland man.  Councilman Zack Reed says the cameras did.
"It's my understanding from our camera location we were able to look at and evaluate an assault that occurred a few weeks ago and we have these individuals on camera and were going to be moving forward to bring these people to justice," said Reed.

Police are also using another piece of video in a shooting case.  Investigators clearly can see a suspect running into the street and shooting at a passing minivan on New York Ave.

"There's a very good chance of the 161 cameras that we have in Ward 2, there's a very good chance you are going to get caught," said Reed.

It's not just the city fighting back but area businesses too, like the store on the corner of New York Ave. and Warner Rd.  The owners have over two dozen cameras of their own.  So if you're thinking about committing a crime here, you better smile for one of the cameras.

"With the cameras put on Warner Rd., it's quieted down a little but were hoping for the near future for it to be a lot more quieter," said store owner Mohammad Hammad.

Councilman Zack Reed says cameras all across his ward not just along Warner Road will make sure culprits don't just get caught but caught on camera.  Reed says the next neighborhood getting cameras will be Mill Creek.

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