Government Shutdown: Cleveland workers rally

Government Shutdown: Cleveland workers rally

House Republicans spent Wednesday trying to pull together their own compromise bill to re-open the government and head-off a default, but the votes weren't there.

Democrats are accusing republicans of trying to derail the Senate compromise.

Now some local federal workers are fed up with the shutdown. They held a rally in downtown Cleveland to show their frustration with Washington politics.

There are literally thousands and thousands of federal employees who are still working every day and not getting paid.

Many of them right are here in our area. They're calling for an end to furloughs and pay freezes. And they say the impasse in Washington is out of control and wreaking havoc in their personal lives.

"Many of them have been working without pay for two weeks now. It's really starting to put the pinch on them and they're getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress," complained Mike Gillis AFL-CIO.

"People are just getting more and more stressed. I myself have to call on a car note to see if I can get it delayed. This is not a pleasant thing to do," added David Sheasley of the American Federation of Government Employees.

Multiply that last comment by thousands.

Thousands of people struggling to make car payments, house payments and struggling to buy food.

What's happening in Washington is not a political game to them.

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