Halloween: Popular costumes for kids and teens

This year adults will spend more than 1-billion dollars on kids costumes. the average cost for costumes and accessories, candy, you name it is about 75-bucks. So if you do the math it can add up to a pricey "trick or treat."
Trying to find a costume that jumps out at you can be a little tricky.
Employees at Spirit Halloween in Brooklyn are busy helping parents pick out the right look for their kid.
"Every year there's the one item that everyone's looking for that's hard to keep on the shelves," says Jimmy Hignite of Spirit Halloween.

Ninja turtles and just plain old ninjas top the list of favorite costume picks this year especially for boys.

For girls the 'Monster High" costume from the t.v. show is a winner. If you are opting for a scarier look zombie girls is a popular choice.
 "The kids are in the aisles begging for certain items. The parents of course can't say no," says Hignite.

 "Adventure Time" is a hit with boys and girls along with "rRgby" from the Regular Show.
 Safety and cost is a big concern for many parents.
"Price should be good and at the same time safety for the kids. I want to make sure that cans see and stuff," says Karmel Abutaleb.

Teens who really get into the Halloween spirit.
Super heroes always fly off the shelves.  Teen girls like anything from the Robin Hood series.
"The tweens like to be able to dress up as something that they're not everyday. So they get to also wear items that are crazy and fun," says Hignite.

Who doesn't want to be a nerd. you can for Halloween.
But it's the skin suits year after year that get a top vote across the board.

To get the costume you want it can cost you anywhere from 25 to 40 bucks.

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