Stalking victim says the justice system let her down

Stalking victim says the justice system let her down

A woman says she's living in fear because she can't stop a stalker, even though she's filed police reports, gotten protection orders, and had the man thrown in jail.

Valerie Trotter wonders what it will take to make the guy stop.

There is a warrant out for the arrest of Raymel Dix in Cleveland municipal court.

Dix has been convicted of menacing and violating a protection order. Records show he's run up to Valerie's car door and tried to open it.

Now he's wanted for calling 21 times in one day. A report shows a housing authority police officer even answered when he called.

Valerie had Dix locked up, but records from last week show city judge Lauren Moore let him out of jail early on probation.

Valerie says the court was told Dix was leaving town for California, yet she says a neighbor just saw him.

19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek called Dix from Valerie's phone, and man called back, but as soon as he found it was 19 action news, he hung up.

Valerie says she knew Dix in high school.

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