How our local Congressmen voted

President Obama signed a bill overnight that will keep our government running till Jan. 15 or next year. It passed the House 285-144, and previously passed the Senate 81-18. 

Many Ohio residents were affected, from federal workers to closed National Parks. Here is a look at how our Congressmen voted. 

(WOIO) - Senator Sherrod Brown (D)-yay

Senator Rob Portman (R)-yay

Rep. Marci Kaptur (D)-yay

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D)-yay

Rep. Jim Renacci (R)-nay

Rep. David Joyce (R)-yay

Republican Rep. Jim Renacci released a press release explaining his nay vote, saying "I simply cannot lend my support to legislation that once again raises the debt ceiling while doing nothing to impose needed fiscal reforms no addresses the drivers of the massive debt that is crippling this nation"

However, Republican Senator Rob Portman saw more promise in the bill, stating "I am also happy that my push for income verification to prevent fraud and abuse in the implementation of Obamacare and minimize the negative impact on Ohio families was part of the final agreement. This is a win for the American People."

The bill funds the government through Jan. 15, 2014 and allows the U.S. Treasury to keep borrowing money in order to prevent default. But it also calls for a December deadline for Congress to make a detailed plan on spending cuts.

The shutdown lasted 17 days and cost the country's economy $24 billion.

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