Carl Monday Investigation: City parking meter collectors

Carl Monday Investigation: City parking meter collectors

Ever wonder what happens to all those nickels, dimes and quarters you pump into the city's parking meters?  It may seem like small change, but it all adds up---about $2 million a year in the City of Cleveland.

The money goes into the general fund, and helps pay the salaries of the city's three parking meter collectors, who empty the meters and deliver the coins to the KeyBank Operations Center Off I-480.

But an undercover investigation by 19 Action News Chief Investigator Carl Monday found a disturbing work ethic by the employees, a supervision breakdown by their supervisors and a potential security breach involving millions of dollars.

The collectors hit the streets shortly after 6 a.m.  But by as early as 8:30, Monday and his team documented the workers already arriving at the bank, just hours into their shifts.  Deposits aren't made until around noon.  So what are the workers doing all that time?  Over a three week period, Monday's hidden cameras caught the workers hiding in remote areas of the massive bank employee parking lot.  The cameras caught them sleeping on the job, drinking coffee and wasting time.  Two to three hours at a crack---time that should be spent collecting money from the meters.

Remember, as they snooze on city time, thousands of dollars in coins are sitting in their city vans, raising concerns about their safety---and the city's money inside their vans.

Monday served up a wake-up call to two of the workers.  You can see their startled reactions on the 19 Action News Facebook page.

Back at city hall, the city's Public Worker's Director promised to get to the bottom of the all this.  Michael Cox says he will review the 19 Action News story and find out why the workers are being allowed to sit for hours without detection.

With 3,000 parking meters in the city, the workers have better things to do than sit in their vans and sleep their shifts away.

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