Irsay should follow Manning's lead

Cleveland (WOIO) - Jim Irsay is an entertaining, flamboyant, and involved owner, who's done big things with his Indianapolis Colts, and who, effective immediately, needs to stop talking.

Irsay had to know that his comments earlier this week, about being frustrated over winning only one Super Bowl title during the Manning era, would stir things up. Peyton's coming back to town this week, his first trip back to Indy since the Colts decided to split with the future Hall of Famer following the 2011 season. Of course those comments would become the national conversation. But instead of letting it die down, Irsay keeps fueling the fire, even while backpedaling faster than Deion in his prime.

Irsay says his comments were taken out of context. That he meant the Colts as an organization should have done more. I don't buy it. I believe he was tweaking Manning, trying to get in his head during game week. After all, Irsay's correct. Manning, while going down as one of the greatest regular-season quarterbacks to ever play the game, has historically underachieved in the postseason. He's 9-11 in the playoffs. With, of course, just one ring, despite racking up a staggering 8 division titles.

But it would have been better left unsaid. Manning has always looked like the good guy in this relationship, especially after he was cut loose in favor of Andrew Luck. And he looks even better now, refusing to comment on Irsay's remarks.

Irsay should follow his former quarterback's lead, and stop the conversation

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