Showdown: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

According to a recent study by American Express, for the very first time, Cyber Monday is expected to draw more shoppers than Black Friday for Holiday shopping. 

The study shows that 55 percent of consumers plan on taking part in Cyber Monday, as compared to 52 percent who plan on shopping Black Friday. 

(WOIO) - Back in 2012, only 39 percent of shoppers shopped on Cyber Monday, compared to 45 percent who hit stores on Black Friday.

But make no mistake, spending is spending and consumers plan on doing more of it this year than ever before. Shoppers are saying they plan on spending on average $1,260 dollars, up $400 dollars from last season.

Yet despite higher spending, consumers are saying they will be coupon clipping, hitting up sales, and looking for promotions to get more for their dollar. New smartphone and tablet app's are storming the holiday shopping market, and 58 percent of Americans plan on using them.

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