Cleveland FBI give officers their highest honor

Cleveland FBI give officers their highest honor

Today, October 18, 2013, the Cleveland Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), recognized both FBI employees and officers from partner agencies in the Northern District of Ohio for courageous acts during their careers.  Officers were awarded the highest medals to be bestowed by the FBI; the Shield of Bravery and the Meritorious Achievement.

The Shield of Bravery is presented for brave and courageous acts occurring in the line of duty or within the scope of FBI employment that may extend to major assistance to a task force or undercover operation, grave situations, or crisis confrontations associated with the highest priority cases of the FBI.

The FBI Medal for Meritorious Achievement is awarded for extraordinary and exceptional meritorious service in the duty of extreme challenge and great responsibility, extraordinary and exceptional achievements in connection with criminal and national security cases, or a decisive, exemplary act that results in the protection or the direct saving of life in severe jeopardy in the line of duty.

The FBI's Shield of Bravery was presented to five members of the Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force for their pursuit and successful apprehension of drug traffickers that engaged in a non-lethal shooting of a source during an authorized operation.  These five members ultimately secured the source, assisted in their medical transport and apprehended the drug trafficking suspects.  The recipients are Shaker Heights Detective Parker A. Adrine, Jr., Cleveland Detective Michael Alexander, Cleveland Detective Todd A. Clark, Cleveland Detective James Cudo, and Cleveland Detective Elbin Negron.

Two Meritorious Achievement awards were presented to two additional members of the Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force for their involvement in this volatile situation.  Those recipients are Supervisory Special Agent Michael A. Brunswick, FBI; and Lieutenant Michael T. Connelly, Cleveland Division of Police.

The FBI's Shield of Bravery was also presented to four members of the Summit County Sheriff's Office SWAT team for their courageous act during the arrest of a member of a violent gang investigated by the FBI-led Greater Akron Safe Streets Task Force.  The suspect's father shot at the SWAT team as they attempted to clear the suspect's residence.  Despite the gunfire, the team successfully arrested both the primary suspect and his father.  Due to the team's quick and courageous actions, a volatile situation was brought to a peaceful resolution.  The recipients are Detective Larry S. Brown, Summit County Sheriff's Office; Deputy Danny E. Francis, Summit County Sheriff's Office; Deputy Larry J. Peters, Summit County Sheriff's Office; and Deputy Shane W. Smith, Summit County Sheriff's Office.

The Cleveland FBI acknowledges the recipients' extraordinary courage and commitment, in the face of danger.

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