Woman brings gun to the Cuyahoga County Justice Center

Woman brings gun to the Cuyahoga County Justice Center

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek has learned a woman is facing charges for taking a loaded gun into the Cuyahoga County Justice Center.

You can't walk into the Justice Center without passing through checkpoints with county guards and metal detectors, but the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's department says that didn't stop Richelle Jones.

A report shows Jones took  a .22 with five rounds through a main checkpoint along Lakeside Avenue last week and deputies found she then took that gun upstairs.

A city bailiff on the sixth floor finally found the gun at another checkpoint for the probation office.

Three guards were down at the front door at the time, but investigators found the ones on duty simply weren't watching the x-ray machine.

Records show Jones had to see a probation officer on a marijuana case and she's on a special mental health court docket.

She now sits in jail facing charges for the gun.

The guards are facing discipline since the report shows none was looking at the x-ray machine. One appeared to be eating chips. Another was looking at her phone. And another was several feet away from the x-ray monitor.

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