Governor Pushes Medicaid Expansion

Governor Kasich visits Cleveland Clinic to expand medicaid

Today Governor John Kasich dropped by the Cleveland Clinic. He's joining forces with the hospital to push for an expansion of medicaid.

The republican governor has never been one to step away from a battle, and it appears Kasich has one on his hands now, from within his own party.

Republicans in the state house may bring legal action to try and stop Kasich from expanding medicaid.

Kasich laid out his reasons for medicaid expansion at the Clinic this morning, and will present the issue to the state controlling board on Monday, but at least thirty nine house republicans have signed a formal protest that claims Kasich, is simply bypassing the clear intent of lawmakers.

This could end in a lawsuit, filed against Kasich, by members of his own party but he says he will not be slowed down.

"We're going to move forward, we're just going to keep proceeding along the lines of trying to help those folk that need our help, that's just the way it is," the governor said.

The state controlling board is expected to approve Kasich's measure and then the lawsuit is expected to follow.  Kasich's plan would move, in place, two and a half billion dollars in federal money to help Ohio's working poor.

"I don't measure things by political party, I think this is the right thing for our state and the right thing is more important for our people, who live in shadows and we want to get a fuller life for," Kasich said.

Clinic doctors came out in support of the plan, even as the governors own party, looking to cut spending, appears ready to take him to court, "This is not a program designed to encourage dependency, it's a program designed to construct a bridge so that people can be functioning in a way were they can contribute."  Kasich said.

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