Browns Friday: Chud on injuries, quarterbacks, Packers and more

Browns Friday: Chud on injuries, quarterbacks, Packers and more

Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media on Friday to discuss the latest injuries, a Brian Hoyer update and more.

Opening statement:

"I feel like we had a good week of preparation. The focus and energy was really outstanding with the guys on the team. They're really holding themselves to a high standard. That's the thing that's impressive. It says a lot about this team to me, where they're at, the identity that we're establishing. We have a relentless group of guys. They're tough. They stick together and are passionate about playing football. I'm excited about that and excited about the opportunity to play Green Bay this week. I have an awful lot of respect for (Packers Head Coach) Mike McCarthy and his staff. It's a tremendous challenge for us."

On DB Josh Aubrey injury:

"He got injured yesterday, sprained his ankle and knee in practice. We'll get a little more information later on today, but he's out for the game."

On resting RB Willis McGahee during some practices during the season:

"It's a maintenance plan that we have with Willis as we're going forward just to keep him fresh and ready to go the whole season."

On how Aubrey got injured:

"He just got rolled up. It's nothing different than just playing ball."

On how he has seen McGahee progress since being brought on to the team:

"I think he's improved every week in terms of that, getting a little better feel for the offense. He's seeing the blocking schemes a little bit better. He's getting his legs back. I think he's getting quicker and able to move better. I think the way we're managing him will help, as well."

On if he expects QB Brian Hoyer back for OTA's next year:

"We're hopeful in the spring that we'll see him. Again, I'll get a little better idea [later]. From my understanding, everything went well with the surgery. Just knowing him, from a rehab standpoint, I know he's going to do everything he can to get ready."

On reflecting on Hoyer in his first three starts:

"He did a great job coming in and gave us a real spark. He played very well. You saw improvement every game that he played, and he was able to make plays for us and really help us in that stretch to get us going."

On Hoyer's future with the Browns:

"That's all going a lot further ahead than what I'm looking at right now, but I'm looking forward to him getting back healthy, and we'll see him in the spring."

On if Hoyer will get back into the lineup when he is healthy:

"Again, I think we're talking a little further out. Right now, I'm focused on Green Bay and what we're doing right now."

On the Browns being the largest underdogs in NFL games at Green Bay this week:

"I haven't even seen that. I haven't paid attention to that at all. I just look at our guys and the focus that they have, the beliefs that they have, the way they work. I think that we're working to make improvements, and we have made improvements as the season has gone on. We just have to keep going. This is a great challenge, and our guys have tended to respond to challenges when they come up, and this is no different."

On if he is on to something with Hoyer at quarterback when he is healthy:

"It's always hard to say. It's two games, and you never know. Obviously, what he did during that time was very impressive."

On if LB Jabaal Sheard will start at Green Bay on Sunday:

"We'll work all of those guys depending on the package. We have different packages for all of them. I look at it like we have three starters, and we're going to roll them. Hopefully, we can get them to where the amount of reps they're getting are close to the same. I think that'll help our effectiveness."

On if there is a fine line between being gutsy and being hesitant as a quarterback, specifically in reference to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in last night's Seahawks-cardinals game:

"At the end of the day, you have to be productive and you have to make the play, whatever the play is and however you can. As we've coached and talked with (QB) Brandon (Weeden), he's the guy that has the ball last, and as the quarterback, you have to make the right decisions."

On what he saw from Weeden in practice this week:

"I thought he's had his best couple of days of practice here: very focused and receptive to the coaching, as we talked earlier in the week. You can see him doing things, specifically working to improve in areas that we're talking about where he needs to improve. I am expecting him and I have confidence in him, like the team does, to go out and play his very best."

On if Weeden can transfer his success in practice to a tough environment in Green Bay:

"That's what we're trying to do. You come out here and you work on it in practice, and the idea is to be able to transfer it and bring it to the game. We're hopeful that he'll be able to do that."

On if it is good for Weeden to play on the road:

"I don't know. Whether it's on the road or home, it doesn't really matter. The opportunity is there every week to go out and show what you can do and prove yourself. That's what we all look forward to doing every week."

On WR Charles Johnson's ACL injury being a surprise:

"We didn't know anything about that so from that standpoint, it was a surprise. He's a developing player that has some potential. It's unfortunate. He's going to have his surgery next week, and we'll get him ready and we'll see where he's at down the road."