New details revealed in stalking suspects early release

Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Office
Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Office

19 Action News is uncovering more about how a stalker got out of jail early.

Raymel Dix is wanted again for harassing the same woman as before.

We now have video from the court. The video shows how Dix got out of jail. And incredibly, we've found months ago, he'd even been released for a bit by mistake.

Dix has been serving time for menacing and violating a protection order; constantly calling and harassing Valerie Trotter.

Days ago, Judge Lauren Moore let him out a little early to leave town to go to a Veterans Administration hospital in San Francisco.

But already, Dix is wanted again for harassing Trotter.

Dix is wanted despite a warning he received in court.  The judge told him, "Between here and Hopkins airport, you're not gonna make any detours, is that correct?"

Dix answered, "I got things I got to take care of in San Francisco."

Trotter says, she'd been getting to know Dix. Now, she's scared.

She says since he got out, he has called repeatedly. She says a neighbor even saw him and he should be on the West coast.

It gets worse. We found the city jail released Dix by mistake in July.  After several days, he turned himself in.

The court video shows Dix only had ten days to three weeks left to serve. Still the judge won't talk to us.

Trotter said, "I have never seen so much injustice in my life."

Dix's attorney says, a sister had shown the court a paper confirming that flight.

The sister tells 19 Action News, Dix needs mental help and  that he is in California. But, investigators don't know where he is.

They want him back in jail. So, does the victim.

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