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Critics growing against judge with questionable courtroom behavior

Judge Angela Stokes Judge Angela Stokes

New complaints surfaced Monday about Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes. They came from defendants in her courtroom who say they were treated rudely, weren't allowed to speak and forced to undergo unnecessary screenings.

19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky broke the story on Friday of a complaint filed against Judge Stokes by a prosecutor for the Ohio Supreme Court's Disciplinary Counsel. It suggested that she should be ordered to see a psychiatrist.

Among those complaining are Justin Quade, whom was seriously injured in a one-car accident in March. He was convicted in Judge Stokes' courtroom of a charge of failure to control. Despite there being no evidence of alcohol use, he says she sent him for alcohol treatment, gave him house arrest and forced him to wear an alcohol detection bracelet. When he went to an alcohol class he says, "I was called into the courts for a violation of probation for violating the house arrest because I went to the class that I was ordered to go to."

Kerry Bacher says he was convicted of disorderly conduct without being able to speak on his own behalf. He summed up his experience by saying, "I guess it's guilty until proven innocent."

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