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Union disputes how gun got into Justice Center

Cuyahoga County Justice Center Cuyahoga County Justice Center

A union leader for court security guards is firing back saying there is more to the story of the gun that got into the Cuyahoga County Justice Center.

Friday, 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek reported a woman took a .22 caliber gun through a main checkpoint. It wasn't discovered until a city bailiff at another checkpoint on the 6th Floor noticed the weapon.

Three guards are facing discipline since a report showed they were distracted when the woman's purse went through the metal detector. A union leader says one of the guards did look at the x-ray machine as the purse came through.

So the union is raising questions about just how that gun got into the building.

Chris Freeman of the UAW says that it's possible the woman had the gun on her person and the metal detector didn't pick it up.

Gallek is waiting to hear back from the county about any possible new security measures as a result.

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