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Officials: Threatening note found onboard Charlotte-bound plane


Emergency officials are conducting an investigation at Charlotte Douglas Airport after a threatening note was reportedly found on a Charlotte-bound A319 Airbus flight.

Airport officials told WBTV that a "security concern" was reported by the aircrew of U.S. Airways flight 2045 shortly before the plane landed safely in Charlotte at 1:40 p.m. on Monday.

Passengers onboard the plane told WBTV that a threatening note was found during the flight near the last two rows of the plane.

"I was scared until we got off the plane," said passenger Colleen Powell.

When the plane landed, the flight taxied to a remote area away from the terminal where it was met by law enforcement personnel, who are investigating the incident, US Airways officials said.

A passenger on the flight told WBTV that they saw emergency vehicles surrounded the plane when it landed. The pilot said there was a "non-specific threat" to the plane.

Passengers were held on the plane for about 20 minutes before they were asked to get off. They were then put onto three US Airways buses and held while investigators inspected the plane.

The passengers in the last two rows were reportedly removed from the buses and then questioned by police and Transportation Security Administration agents.

After about an hour on the buses, passengers were allowed to re-board the plane and the plane was taxied to the airport. 

Passengers say it appeared that no one was detained.

At 3 p.m., airport officials said the aircraft had been cleared. The plane was scheduled to continue to New Orleans.

There were 124 passengers, as well as five crew members on board the flight, according to U.S. Airways officials.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations investigated the case. Federal and local law enforcement agencies have cleared the scene at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. 

"At this time, there are no indications there was a threat to public safety," a spokesman from the FBI told WBTV. "The FBI conducted several interviews, the investigation is ongoing, but it does not appear at this time that a federal violation was committed."

Airport officials said the investigation didn't causing problems or delays for other flights in Charlotte.

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